Saturday, 7 December 2013

Atlantic-Pacific Blue/Black Layered Outfit

Atlantic-Pacific Blue/Black Layered Outfit - Blog - Copycat Queen V - Celebrity Style
Atlantic-Pacific - Photo Source:
How, oh how, do I wish it was cold enough to be wearing this outfit right now. But no, I am stuck in sweltering hot Brisbane, steadfastly refusing to leave the one air-conditioned room in my house. Ah well, maybe If I look at pretty layered outfits like this, and keep up a steady flow of ice blocks I can trick my brain into thinking it's cold again lol.

This outifit is a super stylish way to wear a leather skirt. When choosing a skirt for this outfit it's important

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Olivia Munn Green Jacket/Stripe Dress Outfit

Olviva Munn - celebrity style - copycat queen v - green jacket
Olivia Munn: Photo Source -
Olivia Munn shows us how to style a leather moto jacket, without it looking at all moto-ey.

The jacket is the real stand out point of the outfit, and they key is the colour. It's important in order to pull off this look that the jacket you choose is a very intense green. Even more important than the exact shade, the intensity of colour will carry this look,

Friday, 22 November 2013

Fab Find 22/11/2013

Strip Tease Colorblock Skirt - $26.00
I'm loving the look of this skirt. It'd be super easy to make a chic outfit from this one. Flirty and stylish, a winner in my book. It comes in a pretty Navy colour, too :)

Emmy Rossum Black/Brown Outfit

Emmy Rossum - celebrity fashion - copycat queen v
Emmy Rossum - Photo Credit: Michael Simon/ 
Emmy Rossum mixes black and brown in this casual but put together outfit, on the way to the set of Shameless, looking decidedly more polished than her character Fiona often does (who I find fascinating, btw :p).

Emmy is wearing

Friday, 15 November 2013

Taylor Swift - Red/Green Casual Outfit

Taylor Swift going to Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2013 rehearsals - Photo Source:
Here, Taylor Swift shows us how to mix red/green and brown/black in a great casual way.

I love how Taylor mixes the red of her handbag with the green jeans, without looking like she walked off of a Christmas card. I think it works because she didn't put the colours into both of the main pieces of this outfit. The jeans are coloured, and also an accessory, her handbag, keeping the rest of her outfit in neutral (although different) tones.

The skinny jeans I chose are

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Victoria Grayson - Revenge Season 3 Episode 7

Victoria Grayson - Revenge - Season 3 Episode 7 - copycat queen v - celebrity fashion - television
Victoria Grayson - Revenge Season 3 Episode 7
Before getting into this post, I wanna say a quick sorry for the delay. All my final exams have been in the last 7 days, and since I was a little slack with the studying this semester, much cramming ensued :p Now that my excuses are over, onto the post :)

Put your hand up if you majorly envy this woman's wardrobe! Victoria Grayson has to be the master of slim fitting dresses. Here she sports another fabulous one by Ralph Lauren. She keeps all her accessories nude or gold, to really let the dress shine, and make the look cohesive.

The dress I chose

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Kate Beckinsale - Rock Star Outfit

Kate Beckinsale - Photo Source: MATRIXPICTURES.CO.UK
Kate Beckinsale shows us how to travel in true celebrity style. Take note celebs, no sweatpants or flip flops in sight! In fact, if it wasn't for the luggage you'd think she was doing a photo shoot.

I love how rock star this outfit looks, without having heaps of bling to make going through the airport harder than it needs to be. There's nothing worse than someone needing to take off bundles of jewellery to get through he metal detectors! This outfit carries super style with minimal accessories.

The faux leather pants

Atlantic-Pacific Grey Skirt Oufit

Atlanic-Pacific - celebrity style - copycat queen v
Atlantic-Pacifc - Photo source:

The monochromatic outfit above is simply sublime. To me it seems reminiscent of a Mad Men outfit, but updated to be very useable now. Atlantic-Pacific is yet another one of those blogs where I stare at the clothes moaning "Why, why can't it be me?". But, a limited budget is no reason not to look fabulous!

My favourite feature of this outfit is, of course, the skirt. Look at those waves! It's truly magnificent. But, for a fashionista on a budget, the original is very out of reach, so the skirt I chose

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dita Von Teese - Melbourne Cup 2013

Dita Von Teese - Melbourne Cup 2013 - celebrity fashion - copycat queen v
Dita Von Teese - Photo Source: Getty Images
I have a particular spot spot for Dita Von Teese. She's always so put together and ladylike. She's self-styled and I think she's a true fashion inspiration for all of those who just plain like to look pretty as well as stylish.

Apparently she changed up her outfit for the Melbourne Cup at the last minute, to incorporate colour instead of the black and white ensemble she'd planned on, and it looks fabulous.

The key to this look

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fab Find 3/11/2013

Fab Find - Miss Sweety Printeed Satchel - copycat queen v
Miss Sweety Printed Satchel - $42.00
The details in an outfit make all the difference. Always look for pieces that are a little bit different :)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Who What Wear - Look of the Day "Under Wraps" Outfit

Who What Wear - Look of the Day - Under Wraps - celebrity fashion - copycat queen v
Who What Wear - Look of the Day 26/10/2013 - Source: and Ashley Galloway

Who What Wear is an awesome place to go for fashion inspiration, and their Look of the Day section is consistently fabulous. Now, it's not exactly celebrity fashion, I know, but I figure the website is pretty much a celebrity in it's own right, so I'm keeping it as fair game :p

This outfit was a particular challenge,

The Blonde Salad - Sequin Dress/Top & Leather Shorts Outfit

The Blonde Salad (Chiara Ferragni) - Photo Source: & Andrew Arthur
The Blonde Salad is another one of the super stylish fashion bloggers that I always look to for spot on style inspiration. Here, she turns a diamond sequin bodycon dress into daywear, by using it as a top in an otherwise all black ensemble.

I've got two dress choices here for you to try and copy this look,

Friday, 1 November 2013

Blake Lively - Houndstooth Pants outfit

Blake Lively - Photo Source

Here, Blake Lively mixes patterns, teaming a striped sweater and houndstooth jeans, looking casual and natural. Mixing patterns can be really fun, and surprisingly stylish, if you do it right. Blake proves this true, keeping her outfit to monochrome colours, and making sure the stripes on the sweater are thin and aren't too overpowering.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Jackie - Kimono outfit from Trophy Wife episode "The Social Network"

Jackie - Trophy Wife - The social Network - Pink Kimono - celebrity fashion - Copycat Queen V
Jackie - Trophy Wife - Photo Source: Stills taken from the show
Jackie is such a great eclectic character and her outfits always reflect this. In this one she's wearing a floaty pink kimono and bundles of her jewellery.

The kimono top I chose

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Jane Aldridge - Flannel & Cable Knit Skirt

Jane Aldridge - Flannel Shirt & Cable Knit Skirt - celebrity fashion - Copycat Queen V
Jane Aldridge - Photo Source:
How? How on earth does this outfit work? I never would have thought to put these pieces together, and yet here they look totally fab. Maybe it's just because of who's wearing them, by if you think you can pull off this look, I've got the pieces for you.

The cable knit skirt

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sydney Roberts - The Crazy Ones "She's So European" Purple Dress

Sydney Roberts (Sarah Michelle Gellar) - Photo Source:

So far Sydney Roberts has shown us some great office style, and this deep purple dress with a structured waist, is yet another example of how to look both stylish and office appropriate. No plain black suits or grandma heels here!

I chose a peplum dress which is a very close match in colour to the one worn by Sydney,

Monday, 28 October 2013

Miranda Kerr - Spotted Pants/White Sweater

Miranda Kerr - Photo Source: Rex Features

Miranda Kerr really is a true style icon. She always looks fabulous and put together whether she's sporting some amazing gown, or just running around in a pair of jeans, plus she's repeatedly in the best dressed lists.

Here, she's nailed the perfect mix of proper and casual.

Either of the pants I chose above will look great for this outfit,

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Fab Find 26/10/2013

Crisscross Lace Inset Platform Heels
Crisscross Lace Inset Platform Heels - $35.90

How hot are these shoes! Can you say paaaarty! ;)

Poppy Delevingne - Elle's 20th annual Women in Hollywood Party

Poppy Delevingne - Photo Source: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for ELLE

So, who can pull off a completely sheer blouse and a mini skirt, and still look stylish rather than trashy? Poppy Delevingne, that's who. How? By making sure the pieces of the outfit have ladylike touches and luxe fabrics.

The shirt I chose for this look buttons up to a peter pan collar, and the high neck is vital to keep this look high end. It has similar billowy sleeves, and thick solid placket.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Paisley Dress

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Photo Source: Splash News Online
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks so effortlessly beautiful in this outfit. There's no over the top accessories or clothing, but she still manages to look super chic.

The dress I chose only comes in blue, unfortunately, but I don't think the colour change takes away from the outfit at all.

All the accessories

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Coco Rocha - Teen Vogue Fashion University

Coco Rocha - Photo Source: Aleks Kocev/

It's not often that you see someone make leopard print truly classy, but Coco Rocha does it right, with this outfit worn at Teen Vogue Fashion University.

I think the key to making this look work was how she paired a daring print with monochrome basics, utilizing clean lines, and keeping the leopard print light and not too orangey.

Since the shirt is tucked in it's important

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Demi Lovato - Redlight Traffic Dignity Gala

Demi Lovato - Photo Source: Revolutionpix/

Demi Lovato wore this outfit to the Redlight Traffic Dignity Gala, and I think she looks very femme fatale here.

Personally, I'm usually willing to spend a little bit more on a good jacket, to get a better fit, so I'd go for the blazer on the right, above (though it's on sale, 70% off for the next two days if you move super quick). However, if you're strapped for cash,

Monday, 21 October 2013

Jane Aldridge on the 11th of October 2013

Jane Aldridge has to be my favourite blogger. Her posts are usually of the great outfits she puts together, and they're always super stylish and artistic. Her blog is a great place to go for inspiration.

The skirt she wore above is actually not crazy expensive, but it's out of stock, so unless they restock, here are a few alternatives.

Fab Find 20/10/2013

Women's Round Collar Sleeveless Pleated Splicing Midi Dress With Self-belt - $22.99
Cute, light, breezy, with an interesting hem. What more could you want in a cool daytime mini dress.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Georgina Chapman Punk/Boho

Georgina Chapman Photo Source: FameFlynet Pictures

Georgina Chapman effortlessly shows how opposing styles can be meshed into a balanced and chic outfit.

The above motorcycle jacket

Miranda Kerr September 29, 2013

Miranda Kerr 29/09/2013 Photo Source:

Miranda Kerr wore this ensemble shopping in Paris. This whole outfit screams Parisian elegance. The round neck of the coat conforms to the clean lines shown in the overall look.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Nina Dobrev on Oct 7th 2013 - At LAX

Nina Dobrev - Photo Source: GVK/Bauer Griffin

Nina Dobrev wore this casual outfit at LAX Airport. A nice comfy combo here, with a big bag to fit a magazine and all the other goodies you want to take onboard, or around town.
Nina's got it right with the light layers on her upper body, and chuck the accompanying shoulder strap onto the satchel above, and you'll have your hands free for whatever you need, too.
I thought the flag cut out shorts add a nice bit of sass, keeping the colour light, but adding some interest to a basic go-to denim staple.

Plaid Pocket Shirt - $19.80 (USD)
Thick Strap Singlet - $12.00 (AU)
Faux-Leather Satchel - $40.00 (USD)

Malin Ackerman - Trophy Wife "Pilot"

Malin Ackerman - Trophy Wife        Picture Source:

Malin Ackerman wore this outfit in the pilot episode of Trophy Wife. Now, it's kinda hard to find red leather shorts on a budget unless you're lucky enough to snag a super good sale (whoo hoo! :p), so I chose to keep the red colour but find a different fabric. If the leather look is really important to you, swap out the red shorts for some black leather ones, they're everywhere at the moment.
There's lots of shoe options with this one. I'd personally chuck on some strappy heels, but if you're not a heel person some flat sandals or even oxfords, will look awesome too.
Cuffed Shorts - $25.00 (USD) (left) 
Crepe Woven Shorts with Belt - $22.80 (USD) (right)
Baby Satchel - $30.00 (AUD)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rachel Bilson - Hart of Dixie "Friends in Low Places"

Rachel Bilson - Photo Source:

Rachel Bilson wore this cute outfit in the Hart of Dixie episode "Friends in Low Places". Super perfect for either lunch out with friends or wizzing around town, keeping you put together, without being over the top.
The casual white tank with black design keeps the outfit from looking too corporate, with the studded satchel adding some subtle bling.