Thursday, 31 October 2013

Jackie - Kimono outfit from Trophy Wife episode "The Social Network"

Jackie - Trophy Wife - The social Network - Pink Kimono - celebrity fashion - Copycat Queen V
Jackie - Trophy Wife - Photo Source: Stills taken from the show
Jackie is such a great eclectic character and her outfits always reflect this. In this one she's wearing a floaty pink kimono and bundles of her jewellery.

The kimono top I chose has the pink and lace details like the original one, although it's got shorter sleeves. Wear it over a basic, loose, V-neck cami. Some indigo skinny jeans balance out the voluminous top, and cute brown booties complement the outfit without drawing away from the main focus, which is the jewellery.

You're usual cheapie clothing stores like and often have bundles of jewellery you can use for this without springing for handmade gemstone jewellery. Also, be sure to check out eBay for these kind of things, to get a huge range at budget prices.

The key here is to go over the top with the jewellery, but in soft shades to keep the look from being harsh and glaring, so layer on several necklaces like the ones above.

Also, you'll need a ring for almost every one of you're fingers, so the one I chose is great value, like getting three rings for the price of one :p

ASOS Woven Cami - $21.36 (USD)
Layered Stone Necklace - $22.90 (USD) (right)
Also, for another super cute kimono that would look great with this outfit, even if it doesn't match Jackie's look perfectly, check out this one Off The Path Paisley Cocoon Kimono - $44.00 (USD).

Liked this post? Know of any other great pieces that would fit with this outfit? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you. Also, you can follow Copycat Queen V on Facebook and Twitter, to keep up to date on the latest posts :)

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