Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Jane Aldridge - Flannel & Cable Knit Skirt

Jane Aldridge - Flannel Shirt & Cable Knit Skirt - celebrity fashion - Copycat Queen V
Jane Aldridge - Photo Source:
How? How on earth does this outfit work? I never would have thought to put these pieces together, and yet here they look totally fab. Maybe it's just because of who's wearing them, by if you think you can pull off this look, I've got the pieces for you.

The cable knit skirt I chose can be pulled down a little lower on the waist to match the length of the one Jane is wearing, and the flannel shirt has the rounded bottom, which is important for this look, rather than a straight bottom which would look too harsh against the skirt.

I figure if you're going to have a sweatshirt hanging around your bum, might as well have it make a statement, which is why I chose the Femme Fatale one above.

Finally, the shoes have snazzy detail and I like the idea of the twist clasp. Countless times I've struggled to re-buckle my heels in a tiny changing room after trying on some clothes, so these are the perfect option if you want to wear heels out shopping :)

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