Thursday, 24 October 2013

Coco Rocha - Teen Vogue Fashion University

Coco Rocha - Photo Source: Aleks Kocev/

It's not often that you see someone make leopard print truly classy, but Coco Rocha does it right, with this outfit worn at Teen Vogue Fashion University.

I think the key to making this look work was how she paired a daring print with monochrome basics, utilizing clean lines, and keeping the leopard print light and not too orangey.

Since the shirt is tucked in it's important
to have actual pants or jeans instead of leggings, so the skinny jeans above are a perfect option, with the print being light and not too overpowering.

As mentioned above, clean lines keep this look polished, so choose a shirt like the one above, that is collarless and made of a light fabric. The blazer, too, is collarless with a small line of what looks like satin where the lapel would be. My option keeps to these guidelines, replacing the satin with a small touch of faux leather along the neckline. Push up the sleeves on both the blazer and shirt, making sure the skirt is peeking out from the blazer sleeves, to add balance.

Lastly, add some pretty black peep-toe pumps and a small stack of leather studded bracelets like the ones above, to finish off this look.

Semi-Sheer Utility Shirt - $19.80 $15.00 (USD)

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