Friday, 1 November 2013

Blake Lively - Houndstooth Pants outfit

Blake Lively - Photo Source

Here, Blake Lively mixes patterns, teaming a striped sweater and houndstooth jeans, looking casual and natural. Mixing patterns can be really fun, and surprisingly stylish, if you do it right. Blake proves this true, keeping her outfit to monochrome colours, and making sure the stripes on the sweater are thin and aren't too overpowering.

The top sweater I chose isn't actually striped, but it gives a very similar look to the original, copying the fuzzy look and black bands around the hems and cuffs, and a stripish look. Although, if you're really intent on getting those stripes in there, the sweater on the bottom would look great, too.

The houndstooth pants are similar to the jeans that Blake's wearing, and it's important here, with such thin stripes (or thin stripe look-a-like effect :p) on the sweater, that you make sure the houndstooth pattern is nice and large.

Blake is wearing super svelte Christian Louboutin smoking slippers, but if you don't have a movie star budget, the Lauren Conrad smoking flats I chose are great at emulating the effect. Finally, a grey quilted flap bag and some cat eye sunnies complete the accessories.

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