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Victoria Grayson - Revenge Season 3 Episode 7

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Victoria Grayson - Revenge Season 3 Episode 7
Before getting into this post, I wanna say a quick sorry for the delay. All my final exams have been in the last 7 days, and since I was a little slack with the studying this semester, much cramming ensued :p Now that my excuses are over, onto the post :)

Put your hand up if you majorly envy this woman's wardrobe! Victoria Grayson has to be the master of slim fitting dresses. Here she sports another fabulous one by Ralph Lauren. She keeps all her accessories nude or gold, to really let the dress shine, and make the look cohesive.

The dress I chose captures the great burgundy/wine colouring of the original and is made of a high quality jersey fabric to get that slinky clinging effect. The neckline of the dress is really important here. The one I chose isn't a square neckline like the original, but it does give a similar effect, with the same inner angle on the cap sleeves, and leaving a wide swath of skin available to display the jewellery. It even has a cut-out back like the one Victoria is wearing.

Any gold layered necklace will work with this outfit, but the one I chose is a super duper bargain.

The shoes are simple nude pointed toe pumps, and a thin gold belt breaks up the block of colour from the dress and adds a little pizzazz. The belt I chose isn't straight around like the original, but it will give the same effect, and I think the tiny lion heads are really cute :p

Either of the clutch bags will work great. The top one has the soft beige colouring, and the bottom one has the cut-out handle design.

A beautifully put together outfit, this one screams power, confidence and subtle sexiness.

Liked this post? Know of any other great pieces that would fit this outfit? Let me know what you think in the comments, I'd love to hear from you. Also, you can follow Copycat Queen V on Facebook and Twitter, to keep up to date on all the latest posts :)

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