Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Olivia Munn Green Jacket/Stripe Dress Outfit

Olviva Munn - celebrity style - copycat queen v - green jacket
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Olivia Munn shows us how to style a leather moto jacket, without it looking at all moto-ey.

The jacket is the real stand out point of the outfit, and they key is the colour. It's important in order to pull off this look that the jacket you choose is a very intense green. Even more important than the exact shade, the intensity of colour will carry this look, so stay away from the more muted khaki and cargo shades.

The jacket I chose is an intense shock of dark green, which adds flash to the simple stripe midi dress. It also comes in a heap of great shades, like coral and navy blue, both of which would work with this look. The dress I chose is sleeveless, to keep you from overheating under your jacket, and has some cute cut out panels so it can stand on it's own if you need to remove the jacket.

It took me a minute to decide if the bag Olivia is carrying was green or black, but I finally settled on green, and the tote I chose is a beautiful dark shade, to tie in with the jacket.

I went a little overboard with the shoe options, but really, who can have too many shoe choices :p The wedge boots on the left are a great sleek choice, but if you want a lower heel the middle booties are very cute, and offer ankle detail. The boots on the right are not an exact match for the originals, I know, but I saw them and had to include them, I just thought they looked too fab not to.

The final touch to the outfit is the sunglasses, adding to the stylin' cool vibe, and finishing the look. This outfit is a great way to dress up plain dresses and style your moto jackets when you want them to look a little less harsh.

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