Thursday, 7 November 2013

Kate Beckinsale - Rock Star Outfit

Kate Beckinsale - Photo Source: MATRIXPICTURES.CO.UK
Kate Beckinsale shows us how to travel in true celebrity style. Take note celebs, no sweatpants or flip flops in sight! In fact, if it wasn't for the luggage you'd think she was doing a photo shoot.

I love how rock star this outfit looks, without having heaps of bling to make going through the airport harder than it needs to be. There's nothing worse than someone needing to take off bundles of jewellery to get through he metal detectors! This outfit carries super style with minimal accessories.

The faux leather pants I chose have a great cut, and are perfect for the chilly Heathrow Airport. If you want to be super comfy, you can swap them for faux leather jeggings, and the outfit will still look first-rate, as long as you make sure they have good construction.

The white top Kate wears is quite plain, and this is so the fur jacket can be the stand out point. You want something simple that will complement the jacket, not draw attention away. The white tank I chose has a breast pocket and front zip detail like Kate's, but any basic white top would work.

Both of the faux fur jackets above would give the outfit the necessary rocker vibe, and keep to the colour scheme. The top one is my favourite, but it's a little more expensive.

The booties are a little different to Kate's although keeping in line with the laces, pointed toe, and small platform. However, they also add in a cut-out detail, which whilst not in the original, I thought just looked too cool to pass up :p

I think this is a pretty kick-ass way to exit an airport. After all, why would you want to present yourself somewhere new, or return home, looking like you just rolled out of bed? I think Kate has the right idea :)

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