Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Blonde Salad - Sequin Dress/Top & Leather Shorts Outfit

The Blonde Salad (Chiara Ferragni) - Photo Source: & Andrew Arthur
The Blonde Salad is another one of the super stylish fashion bloggers that I always look to for spot on style inspiration. Here, she turns a diamond sequin bodycon dress into daywear, by using it as a top in an otherwise all black ensemble.

I've got two dress choices here for you to try and copy this look,
each holding elements from the original. The dress on the left will give that great flash of sparkling green, and the one on the right has a patterned design. Either hitch up or fold under part of the dress to make it the right length for what you need, and you'll have an item that does some top-notch double duty.

The Blonde Salad teamed the dress-now-top with some leather shorts, and the ones I chose are a great option, not being too tight, nor too loose.

A plain black blazer covers the sleeves of the dress, allowing just a slash of sparkle to be seen down the front.

To further keep this look appropriate for the daytime, The Blonde Salad forges the heels, and chucks on some flat ankle boots. The boots I chose have a great smooth shine, chain detail at the back, and will look sophisticated but not overly flashy with the outfit.

For the accessories you'll want a structured quilted flap bag with chain strap, like the one above, and some bold, thick frame cat-eye sunnies.


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