Friday, 15 November 2013

Taylor Swift - Red/Green Casual Outfit

Taylor Swift going to Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2013 rehearsals - Photo Source:
Here, Taylor Swift shows us how to mix red/green and brown/black in a great casual way.

I love how Taylor mixes the red of her handbag with the green jeans, without looking like she walked off of a Christmas card. I think it works because she didn't put the colours into both of the main pieces of this outfit. The jeans are coloured, and also an accessory, her handbag, keeping the rest of her outfit in neutral (although different) tones.

The skinny jeans I chose are a beautiful shade of green that can be harder to come across than the more common olive tones.

From what I can see it looks like Taylor is wearing a plain black top under the black peacoat. The coat I chose is super comfy and very similar to the original, simply don't use the belt that comes with it, to get Taylors loose-fitted look.

I can't see if the boots she's wearing have heels, but the tall Taylor does have a penchant for flats, so I chose the cute flat lace up combat boots above. If you're a short girl and want to add some extra height, you could try these instead.

Taylor tops off the outfit in one of her recent go to accessories, a black pork pie hat, like the one above. It adds the final touch to the outfit, and can help control your hair flying around on a windy day.

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