Thursday, 7 November 2013

Atlantic-Pacific Grey Skirt Oufit

Atlanic-Pacific - celebrity style - copycat queen v
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The monochromatic outfit above is simply sublime. To me it seems reminiscent of a Mad Men outfit, but updated to be very useable now. Atlantic-Pacific is yet another one of those blogs where I stare at the clothes moaning "Why, why can't it be me?". But, a limited budget is no reason not to look fabulous!

My favourite feature of this outfit is, of course, the skirt. Look at those waves! It's truly magnificent. But, for a fashionista on a budget, the original is very out of reach, so the skirt I chose above is a great alternative. The length is similar and, as seen on the brown version above, for a budget item it does a pretty good job of imitating those striking waves of the original skirt.

Either of the sweaters I chose would look great tucked into the skirt. The one on the bottom is the closest to original, but considering the colour of the skirt I'd go with the top sweater. It's slim fit, and it has an embellished neckline that hints at old world glamour.

If you already have a basic slim fit grey sweater that would work, but lacks the embellishment, simply add on a cheapie sparkly collar necklace for a similar look.

Large round sunglasses and silver pointed toe pumps add to the retro feel of the outfit, and the sunnies I chose are very similar to the originals.

Lastly, sweep your hair into an elegant updo and add a thin black headband and some vibrant red lipstick for a polished feel.

Altogether an  elegant look, and a great way to wear the full skirt styles that are doing the rounds.

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