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Who What Wear - Look of the Day "Under Wraps" Outfit

Who What Wear - Look of the Day - Under Wraps - celebrity fashion - copycat queen v
Who What Wear - Look of the Day 26/10/2013 - Source: and Ashley Galloway

Who What Wear is an awesome place to go for fashion inspiration, and their Look of the Day section is consistently fabulous. Now, it's not exactly celebrity fashion, I know, but I figure the website is pretty much a celebrity in it's own right, so I'm keeping it as fair game :p

This outfit was a particular challenge, those jeans proving almost impossible to emulate on a budget, but I found some styles that will give you a similar look if you don't have $158 lying around.

The jeans on the left offer a bold tribal design with a splash of the red/orange that is so striking in the original, and the leggings on the left  are in the spirit of the mirror-image-like design.

The original coat had a wrap design, but the one I chose keeps the navy colour, soft fabric and waist sash, and will give a very similar effect.

The oxfords above are a little snazzier than usual, being metallic blue, but the plain black satchel balances them, keeping the accessories portion of this outfit from being too loud.

A soft blue scarf like the one above, loosely wrapped around the neck, adds that final touch to bring the outfit up to the next level.

A very versatile outfit that would look great on most people, so strut it in confidence :)

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