Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dita Von Teese - Melbourne Cup 2013

Dita Von Teese - Melbourne Cup 2013 - celebrity fashion - copycat queen v
Dita Von Teese - Photo Source: Getty Images
I have a particular spot spot for Dita Von Teese. She's always so put together and ladylike. She's self-styled and I think she's a true fashion inspiration for all of those who just plain like to look pretty as well as stylish.

Apparently she changed up her outfit for the Melbourne Cup at the last minute, to incorporate colour instead of the black and white ensemble she'd planned on, and it looks fabulous.

The key to this look is to make sure the skirt and jacket are a pure blinding white, so that the colour really pops.

The skirt I chose has a good length, hitting around the knee, and matches perfectly with the white, single button peplum jacket. The jacket has such a ladylike cut, I think it screams Dita :p  For the orchid details on the jacket, get some fake orchids like the ones above (bottom) and either cut the stem and attach as a whole piece, or cut off the flowers and attach them individually, using safety pins.

Now, I'm not sure exactly what she's wearing under the jacket, it looks like a bustier top or maybe a corset, so that's the track I'm taking. The corset I chose channels the great colour (not sure what shade exactly, but I'd call it either fuchsia or magenta) and lace details.

As with any race day outfit, the hat has to be exceptional, and this one certainly fits the bill. Let's be honest, you simply won't find a hat like that on the cheap, so it's time to get creative. Put on a headband/hat like the one above, and attach an orchid hair clip to the hair so that it looks like one piece, using extra clips if you need to.

A satin clutch and demure white pumps with bow detail are the finishing touches to this look.

Not an everyday outfit for most people, but certainly suitable for a range of outdoor and church type functions  (christening ect.), where you need to dress to impress.
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