Saturday, 7 December 2013

Atlantic-Pacific Blue/Black Layered Outfit

Atlantic-Pacific Blue/Black Layered Outfit - Blog - Copycat Queen V - Celebrity Style
Atlantic-Pacific - Photo Source:
How, oh how, do I wish it was cold enough to be wearing this outfit right now. But no, I am stuck in sweltering hot Brisbane, steadfastly refusing to leave the one air-conditioned room in my house. Ah well, maybe If I look at pretty layered outfits like this, and keep up a steady flow of ice blocks I can trick my brain into thinking it's cold again lol.

This outifit is a super stylish way to wear a leather skirt. When choosing a skirt for this outfit it's important to get the length right. Too short, and the look won't be as put together and ladylike. The skirt I chose above is a great option, hitting the right length and bringing in the pleated detail of the original.

The coat I chose is also the appropriate length (you don't want to cover the hem of the skirt), and has a nice large stiff collar.

If you go to the Atlantic-Pacific blog, you'll see that there is a cosy, navy blue, turtleneck jumper under the coat. The one I chose is a little different, instead having a slouchy type turtleneck, but I think it'd look great with this outfit, and super warm :)

The outfit layers a pair of black over the knee socks, on top of a pair of black tights, adding to the preppy upper-east sideish vibe. Any basic variants of these options will do, but you can get great priced quality from ASOS, so I went with two options from there.

The original boots had a chunky heel, but the ones I chose are definitely in keeping, bringing in a touch of sexy to a very ladylike outfit, with the ankle height and pointed toe.

Finally add on a quilted handbag and stylish sunnies like the ones above, plus an alice headband and some red lippie, and you'll be ready to brave the chilliest of days in style :)
Liked this post? Know of any other great items that would fit this look? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you. Also, you can follow Copycat Queen V on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all the latest posts :)

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