Monday, 6 January 2014

Taylor Swift Mini Skirt/Honey Flats Outfit

Taylor Swift Mini Skirt/Honey Flats Outfit - Copycat Queen V - celebrity fashion
Taylor Swift - Photo Source:

Taylor Swift pulls off the perfect preppy/sophisticated daytime look. This outfit is a great option for a comfy shopping outing.

The skirt that Taylor is wearing has
a black and white tartan pattern, but if you look closer there are also subtle hints of a geometric pattern in the design. The option I chose plays on this, is a great length, and would look fabulous with this outfit.

Any basic black long sleeve top will work for this. If it has full length sleeves, push them up to 3/4 length to show a little skin on the arms, breaking up the monochrome for the upper portion of the outfit.

Black opaque/semi-opaque tights offer the perfect background for the pop of colour in this outfit. Taylor tends to spend most of her time in flats, and these are another example of the great way she styles them. The honey coloured flats I chose are cute, preppy, and provide that important pop of colour that really makes this outfit a winner.

The mahogany colouring of the handbag also offers a little more colour to the outfit, whilst still being subtle, and not clashing with the shoes, and the one I chose will work great.

Finally, channel Taylor's signature red lip, with a bright, bold red lipstick, and you're ready to hit the shops, and spend up a storm ;)

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