Friday, 2 January 2015

Dita Von Teese - Squirrel Skirt Outfit

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I always admire it when people are not afraid to step outside of fashion norms, and Dita Von Teese is definitely one of those people. My favourite inspiration for vintage fashion
, here she indulges her quirky side with this outfit built around a super cute skirt with squirrel appliques.

The main star of this look is of course the skirt, and it is also the hardest to replicate on a budget. The skirt I chose falls under the knee, like Dita's, but has a tighter fit. The tighter fit will help modernise this look just enough so that those people not comfy wearing vintage looking items will feel good rocking this look.

Now comes the interesting part. The appliques. Here Esty is your best friend. There are heaps of woodland inspired appliques on Etsy, like the ones shown above, which will help you recreate Dita's skirt within minutes with just the help of an iron.

To let the skirt take centre stage Dita kept her shirt plain, and the cap sleeve tee that I chose fits the bill, with the slight puff in the sleeve adding a feminine touch to a plain piece.

Silver peep toe flats like the ones above are super comfy and help keep this look dainty yet casual, without drawing the eye too much.

Another awesome part of this look is Dita's bag. Honestly, it is so unique that I didn't know where to find a replica, but I found the above silver clutch, which channels the hardness and metallic elements of Dita's, with a cute handle design.

The look is topped off with a svelte pair of retro inspired half frame sunglasses and a swipe of her signature red lipstick. This outfit is a perfect casual option for those who love the feminine look, or are just plain sick of jeans and are craving some skirt magic :)



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