Saturday, 10 January 2015

Kendall Jenner - Sweater Dress Outfit

Kendall Jenner - Sweater Dress Outfit - Copycat Queen V
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As Kendall Jenner gains more and more popularity, increasing numbers of photos are circulating showing her spot on fashion sense. Here we see another example of her chic style.

The light colours of this outfit play beautifully off of Kendall's dark hair, and is a great example of thinking outside the LBD mould for chic nightwear. The loose fit of her sweater dress goes perfectly with thigh high boots, stopping the boots from looking too OTT sexy. Both dresses I chose are great options, with the high necklines and short length resembling Kendall's. The one on the right is a touch more expensive, so if you're on a really tight budget the left dress is a perfectly cute option which also has lots of positive reviews.

Kendall definitely made the right choice with her shade of boot. The light beige colour goes perfectly with the light colours of the rest of the outfit. Avoid dark boots like the plague with this dress, as the colour clash would look garish and mismatched. The boots I chose are a nice smooth suede and the high heel and platform will elongate the leg, making you look leggy and statuesque when paired with the dress. It's important for the sake of keeping this look sophisticated that you only show a small band of skin between the top of your boot and the bottom of your dress, so keep this in mind when choosing your boot/dress combo's.

Kendall continues the light neutrals theme with her bag choice, the white croc clutch blending with the rest of outfit. Often it can perk up an outfit to throw in a pop of colour with your bag choice, but with this outfit a coloured bag would clash, so the white clutch I chose is the prefect option.

This outfit is a great alternative to a tight fitting dress for a night out. A bit too hot to wear to a club, but perfect for dinner with friends or a small get together, this is comfy option, whilst still looking sexy and effortlessly chic.

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