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Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy) - Boho Kimono/Shorts Outfit

Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphey) - Modern Family Set - Copycat Queen V - cheap clothes, fashion
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Sarah Hyland was recently snapped on the Modern Family set in her role of Haley Dunphy, sporting the above boho outfit. As you can tell from the picture above, a lot of components went into copying this look, so get set for a long one :p

The first part of this look I tackled, and by far the hardest, was the kimono/caftan that she's wearing. For the sake of preventing confusion, I'm just going to call it a kimono, though honestly  I can't tell exactly where on the kimono/caftan/scarf realm it falls from this photo.

I found two long lightweight kimonos that I think would work great with this outfit. Personally I prefer the one on the right, with it's vibrant colours and loose billowy sleeves, but if you want a closer match to the colour scheme of the one worn by Sarah, the left is a great option.

The denim shorts I chose echo the grey colour of the originals, but forgo the flower appliques for a super cool light paisley print on the front. You want to avoid blue denim shorts for this look, as you kind of want the shorts to fade into the background a bit, not draw the eye too much.

Where you do want that great pop of colour is in your undergarments. I managed to find the actual bra that you can see peeking through in Sarah's photo but, while super pretty, it's little bit pricey, so the cute lacy bralette (bottom photo) I found gives a very similar effect and is much cheaper.

You can choose any colour you want for this, but ideally you want a nice strong colour that will pop, without being anything neon, which would ruin the boho vibe in this case.

When choosing the cami to wear with this you want one that is a very loose, roomy fit, so you get lots of movement around the top, letting that colourful bra peek through. Make sure it's not too long though. The one I chose is a little longer than the original, but just be sure that the cami you choose isn't so long that the shorts are covered up.

A hugely important factor in this look is the accessories, in particular, the amount of them. This is a look where you can feel free to really stack on the jewellery. Load on everything from midi ring sets and layered necklaces to stacks of bracelets, and even top it off with a flowered headband. The headband I found looks remarkably similar to the one Sarah is wearing, it might even be the same one. Give me a heads up if you know, everyone :p

All the accessories I chose are super affordable, so you can really stack them on.

Finally, this look was finished off with a pair of beige chain embellished booties, but the buckled ones above do a super job of adding that last touch to the outfit.

A great example of young fresh boho fashion that is fun to wear and lets your inner accessory fanatic shine for a day :)



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