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Bella Thorne - Duff Tank/Leather Pants Outfit

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Here Bella Thorne displays a great casual way to style leather pants for a daytime look. Simplicity is the key to this outfit, with polished hair and clean, pretty makeup keeping the look stylish and chic, whilst still being relaxed.

I don't think anyone would accuse Bella Thorne of being a "duff", so I'm guessing the shirt is a cute tongue-in-cheek nod at her movie The Duff.  The simple tank keeps the look daytime appropriate by not dressing the pants up too much with complicated prints or embellishments.

As for the pants, I chose
a pair of leather look leggings, a cheaper option than actual leather pants, and a lot more comfortable for a warm day. The pair I chose also have a faux zipper and back pockets, which helps them look more expensive and tends to present a more put together look. Whichever type of pant/legging you chose though, it's key that they are not too shiny. You want a fairly matte finish, once again, to keep the look really wearable for daytime.

The shoes are also important for continuing the casual theme. While I'm usually one to pair heels with absolutely everything, this look relies on a shoe that will not dress it up too much, while also not making it dowdy or grungy. The wedge sneakers I chose fulfil this perfectly, and the gold zipper gives them that bit of extra sparkle, like the gold head on the front does for Bella's.

The accessories for this outfit are very careful to avoid any chunkiness. Instead the look is complimented with delicate accessories, keeping the look pretty rather than grunge . Bella has opted for shiny gold thin bangles and a set of gold rings, and the options I chose are super affordable and very cute.

Finally, to add a tiny touch of colour to the monochromatic look, Bella adds a sleek slash of turquoise to her nails, changing it up by painting some of her nails a light glittery blue.

This is a great outfit for a day hanging with friends or wandering around with the boyfriend, keeping you super comfy and looking effortlessly fabulous.


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