Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Atlantic-Pacific - Preppy Plaid Skirt/Coat Outfit

Photo (left) courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific

Atlantic-Pacific is without a doubt my first stop when after classy outfit inspiration, and here this talented fashionista pulls off preppy effortlessly. This outfit gives me flashbacks to the early seasons of Gossip Girl and their tweaked school uniforms, that came off more like standalone outfits rather than regulated dress.

Either of the skirts I chose will fit great with this look, it's a matter of choosing what kind of fit you want. The top skirt has a less vivid green but a more structured look, while the bottom skirt has a more relaxed fit but the addition of a tie waist, which the original doesn't have. Still, considering the original skirt costs over $600, either of my options are a steal. Just make sure that whatever skirt you choose, it doesn't have too many pleats. You want to avoid this looking like an actual school uniform skirt. Inspired is the key word :p

A loose grey sweatshirt with a cute slogan like the one above also keeps the look from delving too far into uniform territory, whilst the peek of a crisp white collar peeking out the top keeps it classy. The shirt I chose is a great option, as it's sleeveless design will keep your arms feeling like they're straight jacketed under the layers of clothing.

The boots I chose are shown with the tops folded down, but unfolded they will hit the perfect length and keep the suede look of the originals, which once again, were over $600. Unless you choose with great caution, you'll want to copy the suede of the boots, not have any sort of finished leather, as that would look too 'hard' for this style. We're looking for classy, not tough.

The blue peacoat adds an extra dimension to the outfit, breaking up the lines, and the pom pom topped beanie keeps the look cute. This is a great outfit for going out to coffee or for a walk on a chilly day. Once again, a fantastic look from Atlantic-Pacific, pulling off modern prep, effortlessly.

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